A unique experience,
a journey to youth.

The success of the fruit of SULYFHT is the selection of different very studied and specific techniques to achieve a sublime result in the treatment of facial rejuvenation.


From a very young age, I was very clear about what my vocation was. I have always felt a very special connection between my hands and the metaphysical world. I consider myself a spiritual and believer person. I believe that we are all born with a gift and that our soul does not recognize it in the earthly world until one day we wake up and we connect with our interior.

I have been working 30 years in this beautiful profession and I have had the great fortune that life has been putting me on the path great teachers who have taught me everything that I know today.

In 1995, I founded my own aesthetic institute with the clear objective of offering excellence to my clients, always with the latest advances. Since then, I have never stopped researching and studying and, even though I love my profession and I feel blessed with all my achievements, I have always felt a great emptiness inside me. I have spent years ignoring the signs that life has been sending me to fill this deep empty, for not confronting my own fears: the changes.

I have always intuited, and people have confirmed it, that my hands have a very special connection in contact with people and that I have a labor to do with them. Certain events in my professional life helped me to discover that my mission in this life was creating a discipline of manual massage for the face, which helps to beautify and rejuvenate people.

At that moment my professional and internal part connected, and it was born SULYFHT, a Lifting Sublime Therapy, in order to offer my knowledge to all those people who love their profession and believe in the power of their hands and in themselves.

Yvette Pons

The best facial therapy

SULYFHT is considered for many experts as the best actual therapy to treat the aging facial signs.

In 2019, it was awarded the first prize for the best facial therapy nationwide. This year, 2022, it has also won the award for the best aesthetic cabin treatment.

SULYFTH® is a manual lifting therapy, registered, copyrighted and certified by the registry of intellectual property.

It has been created to train professionals who wish to differentiate themselves in their treatments and offer their clients a natural and very effective treatment to attack the signs of facial aging and at the same time treat all the functional causes that intervene on the factors that cause them.

We cannot say that this method is a substitute for a surgical lifting, because it would be dishonest, not even that it achieves the result of a botox, because we will never be able to paralyze muscle movement, that would not be natural.

But I can assure you that with this therapy you will be able to improve, slow down and prevent the signs of the passage of time, just with your hands, and achieve a very satisfactory result, better than many machines and manual techniques.

SULYFTH is a massage that is applied to the neckline, nape, neck, face and eye contour, getting back and, in some cases, eliminating muscle sagging, tissue sagging, expression lines and lack of skin luminosity.


  1. Remodels the entire facial oval.
  2. Firms the muscles.
  3. Reduce double chin.
  4. Remove superficial expression lines.
  5. Reduces deep wrinkles.
  6. Increases skin illumination.
  7. Returns the tissue thickness.
  8. Eliminates toxins.
  9. Regulates skin oxygenation, hydration and nutrition.
  10. Improves bone morphological changes.

When we observe the aging of people, we only detect a change in the bone system, in the musculature and skin tissue, which are structures that change and worsen over time, but in reality, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

What is important are the factors that cause these changes, such as the circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and emotional, energetic, cellular systems and body biomechanics as well as posture.

SULYFTH is a very complete therapy of 1h 30’, the result of a long time of experimentation, where I have brought together in synergy all the best crafts chosen with great precision and based on the D.S.T.S.R, the five pillars that I have created, fundamental and indisputable to achieve the normotonia and treat without exception all the points that can intervene in the signs of old age.

The five pillars D.S.T.S.R:
Detoxify, Stimulate, Take Off, Strech and Relax.

SULYFHT acts directly on all the anatomical and physiological structure that, over time, weakens and shrinks, not only due to the chronological age of each person, but also due to internal, emotional and external factors, which accelerate and wear out the cells prematurely.


1.Stimulates capillary microcirculation and the production of the skin’s active ingredients.

2. Activates the drainage of toxins through the lymph, which interferes with poor cell oxygenation.

3. Increases the production of proteins that the muscles lose over the years.

4. Strengthens muscle attachments to the bone structure.

5. Balances cellular and cranial respiration.

6. Helps to minimize the wear of the bone structure and increases the production of osteoblasts, returning the bones to their place of origin.

7. Control muscle tensions and contractions through relaxation.

8. Loosens the muscle fibres and all the connective tissue attached to the bone structure.

9. Relaxes the myofascial tissue that contracts the muscles.

10. Reconstructs subcutaneous fat.


Check the Sulyfth method results.
Before and after one or two sessions.


Frequent answers and questions (FAQ)

Do I need to be a professional to do this training?
It is essential to be a beautician, or a therapist related to the sector, and have previous knowledge of facial anatomy and experience in manual techniques.
Can I access the training if I am a freelancer and I perform the treatments at home?
No. Out of respect for the centers that have an exclusive contract, we cannot accept it.
Is a certificate given at the end of the training?
Yes, on the last day after the approval of the course and completion of the formalized hours, the SUFYFTH® therapy certificate will be delivered.
If I cannot attend the training, do I lose the payment of 50% of the reservation?
If it is the first cancellation, you would only lose the proportional part of the stay’s reservation, the part of the reservation of the training would not be returned, although it would be saved for the next training. However, if you had to cancel again, then you would lose the full amount of the payment.
Can I leave before the training, or not attend every day?
No. In the event that you cannot attend the entire training, we recommend you to sign up at another time. If you do not finish it, you will not be given the certificate. Therefore, you will not be listed as an accredited professional and you will not be able to perform the therapy on your clients.
Will I be able to record the therapy and save the videos to practice?
No. If you have any questions, you will only have the dossier to consult and review the training.
Is the training just practical?
Being such a long therapy, we dedicate most of the time to practice, although there is always a theoretical part at the beginning of each technique and throughout the training. At the same time, we interact every day, solving doubts and expanding all the theory.
Do I need to bring a model?
No. We practice among the students attending the training.
How do I sign up and make the payment?
Before reserving your place, you will have to accept the conditions of image protection rights and the protection of SULYFTH® Therapy.

To reserve the place, it is necessary to transfer the 50% of the total amount and, two weeks before starting the training, the rest of the amount. Get in touch with us through WhatsApp (648228469) or email us: info@sulyfth.com.


Sulyfht is a training of seven days that we return to instruct on September due to now is the high season of our sector. We will publish the new dates on our Instagram account @yvetteponsfacialista.

Thank you.

Sulyfht is a training of seven days that we return to instruct on September due to now is the high season of our sector.
We will publish the new dates on our Instagram account @yvetteponsfacialista.

Thank you.

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Accredited centers

The Sulyfht therapy can just be performed by the professionals who have finished the training and the accredited centers.


If you have any questions, contact us and we will solve your doubts.